Land of the False Star

Encouraging —

As it turns out, the human lord’s dinner party was — surprisingly — productive.

Darius and I were seated by the Lady Almond, an intriguing noblewoman who, if one was to judge by her choice of accessory, may be involved or at least entertain an interest in the magical arts. In addition, if one was to judge by the uniquely — and fascinatingly — colorful history of her house, she might also favor additional interests that I can only dare hope might align with my own.

We were also invited to a banquet at the tower of the Red Lord, another exciting prospect. It’s obvious that these lords practice some enigmatic craft or another — what other explanation but some form of powerful magic for turning away a league of undead? Some of the city are obviously wary of them and their secrets; like the paladin, they distrust what they do not understand, what they cannot control. Nevermind that these “dark lords” they now quaver in fear and distaste over are the same that kept them from being slaughtered.

Frustratingly, even Darius is expressing worries in relation to my studies now, like a bad trait borrowed from the paladin, though I must remind myself that in spite of his experience with wizards, he cannot necessarily think like us. His mind is that of a soldier, his instincts directed first toward my safety rather than my success in my pursuits. I have to practice patience when handling his concerns, whether they feel constraining or no. He deserves no less.

For now, I will await word from the Lady Almond.
Then I will decide how these companions should be managed.



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