In the high days of the Duchy, Ravental grew from town to great trade city, situated on either side of the River Malsen. Unlike the great planned cities of Forbandstein and Aukstein, Ravental flowed and moved, swarming with criminals, merchants and fortune seekers. The Guild Masters of Ravental grew fat and wealthy, and it was never the safest place.

Yet, after the False Star fell, Ravental was spared the fate of other towns like Roden and Falmon. Desperate refugees filled the slums, and soon the bodies stank in the streets. The city grew strange. The River Malsen stank with poison, and the Necropolis outside the city was filled with dark shapes at night. Occult orders and mystery cults found their way into the underside of the districts, and strange noises could be heard in the night.

During the war against the Black Duke’s army, the councilmen declared themselves the Seven Masked Lords of Ravental, donning elaborate haunting masks as their signs of office, heavily enchanted against any scrying. They declared that the city would be spared, and none know what dark deal they bartered, but the Black Duke did not lay any siege to the city.

Filled with criminals, conspiracies and cults, the facade of order is only maintained by the Ravental Watch, having evolved from servants of the Council to an independent order dedicated to the original laws of the city and the valley.


Notable districts include:

  • Bogwater – located near the south gate, known for its frequently flooded and muddy streets. It is known for housing a rough clientele, and the Five Rats Tavern.
  • Southgate – a district made up mainly of outsiders and adventurers
  • Market Square – the main market of the city
  • Arcadium – a more discerning and mysterious area, the Arcadium is a series of arched arcades housing shops and stalls full of strange characters. Reportedly under the protection of the Thieves Guild.
  • Old Keep – named after its most prominent landmark, it is the only part of the city that approaches decent living, under the eye of the Ravental Watch’s headquarters.
  • Council District – the council’s hall once was the seat of law and order in the city. Now, it and the surrounding districts of noblemen, spies, go-betweens and high-end criminals are a snake pit of intrigue.



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