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The Valley of Forband was the seat of a mighty kingdom for hundreds of years before the coming of the False Star. But then the great red fires descended from the heavens, smashing into the great capital of the kingdom, reducing it to flaming ruins and corrupting the souls and flesh of those who survived. Called down by dark sorcery, it has tainted the land and held its people in a terrible grip.

But there have been signs of light to break the darkness. The Order of Julianos builds fortresses and seeks to take back the land in the South. Aukstein remains strong and the dark city of Ravental remains.. enigmatic. But it remains to be seen whether all this is hope or folly.

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Settlements of the Valley

  • Aukstein, the last hold of the true men of the valley
  • Ravental, the dark city of shadows and corruption
  • Endstadt, the last free city and gateway to the valley
  • Waldgast, the free town

Other Landmarks

New Races and Classes

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