Land of the False Star

The Magnificent and Glorious Adventures of Ser Leoneiros

Part 1

This land is far more terrible than it was described to me. Far more terrible than I could have imagined. It is filled with unimaginable horrors and confusing sights. Perhaps I should have trained a little longer as Master Gleironos had suggested. But alas, that is one of my weaknesses (as Master Gleironos pointed out often), acting often without thinking. It has gotten me in trouble a number of times here already.

Iomedae guides me though. Protects me. I feel her presence ironically even stronger in this dead cursed land. I do not imagine there are many worshippers here, and so perhaps I attain more of her gaze. It is difficult though. I see darkness and evil everywhere, but am unable to stop it. The others think me a joke, I know, except in those times my sword is destroying their enemies, and I am less of a joke. Fifi has a sickness inside of her. I suppose I have known that for a while. But she has a good heart. Albrecht is much the same as he ever is, the voice of reasoning pragmatism. I must listen to him more often.

The elves are strange. I have never met elves properly before. They are about as one might imagine, I suppose. Darius is an okay sort. Trustworthy I believe, devoted to his charge the Lady Seriade.

A wizard. A very odd, quiet wizard.

I must temper my desire to right even the smallest of wrongs, and concentrate on the larger wrongs at play. We saved the children for example. Saving two children from certain death…or worse, well. That is a better use of my time than trying to stop bartenders from being roughed up. I will work harder to set a threshold of intervention, and concentrate on leading by example. People in this place need a beacon of hope. Others may mock me, deride me, but that shall not stop me.



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