Land of the False Star

In consideration —

I am frustrated. Impatient, I would dare say — although it’s certain that my unimaginative kin wouldn’t be astonished to hear the word when used in relation to me, being that my ‘strangely rash’ temperament was merely one more aspect that kept me isolated from them.

I’d hoped for more progress by now. Having finally escaped the limitations and expectations of Mist Veil, having finally arrived here, where I imagine I can almost literally feel the restlessness and raw potential of the magic underfoot, in the very ground and air, I am nonetheless stymied… held at bay by the very same group of dubious ‘adventurers’ that Darius and I were fortunate enough to be taken in by, and with such blindly trusting ease.

Unsurprisingly, their focus is on the petty and superficial: wealth, riches, short-lived glory. Nethys forbid they consider the concept of making their own fortune by venturing out independently to comb through the dark wilderness that so likely few have dared plumb the potentially abandoned treasures of. No, no. Far easier, far safer to rely on others to hand them neatly dictated tasks, accompanied by the promise of a pittance of reward.

We waste our time and resources (two things you would suppose would be far more meaningful to them rather than one such as I, considering their short supply of both) in meaningless battles, we bunker down with miscreants, and when we, at long last, leave behind the walls of the city, the only direction they seem interested in following is the one set by their moral compass, by their ironically gold-driven sense of ‘duty.’ There is so much to be explored, so much to be studied, so much to experience — and all they can concentrate on is playing savior.

And they could barely even do that right.

At the very least, I was afforded an intriguing glimpse into this ‘Jester’ creature and the ritual we interrupted it in the midst of, most compellingly woven in the (rather clumsily articulated) tongue of demons. I can’t help but wonder as to which dark entity might be willing to turn an ear this way, should it be coated liberally enough with blood. I’m somewhat disappointed I was incapable of hearing more, even somewhat disappointed the ‘Jester’ fled, taking its mysteries with it. But, in hopefully advantageous addition, having fought alongside these ‘adventurers,’ having bled and fallen in their aid, having assisted in rescuing their children, they should logically have no reason to view me in an enemy’s light when they eventually come to know more of me. Unfortunately, the paladin, at least, seems unsettlingly intolerant to such a meager and dismissible concept as ‘logic.’

It doesn’t matter. If they are unwilling to accept us, if they are too narrow-minded to see beyond their own superstition and terrors, Darius and I will go our own way, though it would not please me to once more force him into yet another situation that is neither to his liking nor comfort, as I must admit to having done since making him leave our his home behind. It cannot be helped, however; his duty, a thing of genuine conviction that this motley and greedy group could hardly begin to fathom, prevents him from allowing me to set him free from the tradition that shackles him to me. Would that I could console myself by saying it was his choice, except that it never truly was. But he was raised with me, knows what I am, knows I will not be dissuaded. I must respect that he knows, with equal if not greater clarity, his own mind.

We return to the city now. Let us hope we aren’t long for its comforts.

Addendum #1 —
The godly human has gone. I’d hoped to have more of an opportunity to study him, but perhaps it is for the best. The deities of humans seem to be as dangerously whimsical in their moods as the race that worship them.

Addendum #2 —
If I catch that little packrat thieving from me, I’ll let her bleed out next time.



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