Land of the False Star

Darius Farrilis Travel Log - The Jester

The children were found and liberated.

I find myself in awe of these shorter lived races. Despite great danger they drive forward. Fifi was discovered while attempting to rescue the children. Rather then flee or draw her weapons she valiantly continued on towards the children. It is with some shame I admit we could not break through fast enough to spare her, and she ultimately was forced to defend herself and eventually fell unaided.

Albrecht also demonstrated great courage drawing the vile jester to attack him seemingly willing to sacrifice his own life. Even the Paladin waded into fists worth of foes and stood his ground till he fell. Why when they are afford so little life, do the so willingly offer it up for strangers? I would die for my Lady, but this is my honor. I have been raised and trained from birth to do so, from the moment she showed the spark of Magic I have been there to protect and aid her. Before her familiar even. Yet they have not these bonds. These children, eachother, even us…They’ve barely known each other.

My lady however seems touched by their rashness, while I am proud of her for vanquishing her first foe with her own hand. It was a nightmare to watch, that she felt driven to risk herself. I must become stronger.



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