Land of the False Star

Darius Farrilis Travel Log - The Grand Ball

It seems that events escalate quickly. The rat creatures likely hunt us, the jester is still out there, and we’ve been thrust into the intrigue of Raventaal.

My Lady has taken an interesting in the words of one Lady Amon, servant of the Red Lord. I have voiced my fears, far more harshly then I have a right to. However, Lady Seriade has ever been kind and treated me with more familiarity then that of a simple sworn guardian and aid. However, this time her will is firmly set and I can do not but be prepared to protect her in any way I can.

The human’s here are strange, there is no visible indicator of power. They vary, and their import seems not to be based on one clearly visible or common characteristic. This makes their society so much less uniform and orderly then that of Mist Veil. However, I must admit it is much more intriguing and frightening. My Lady’s tastes are becoming more visible. I fear that the Paladin whom tolerates fifi will not be so tolerant of my Lady’s studies.

He can not know as I do, that her devotion and will are fixed on knowledge. That she is not corrupted by power but simply a vessel for it. I will endeavor to earn their favor, my Lady will not pander to them. I will however do whatever I must. Perhaps the Paladin and others will be swayed by me where logic and long sightedness fail them.

Emotion, it seems to drive them more keenly then those of my experience. Perhaps another aspect of their short lives. However they also inspire it, despite my desire to teach Fifi a lesson for hurting my Lady and robbing her when she was truly weak I found myself driven to aid her rather then harm her. I was perhaps rougher then I needed to be and that was in its own a satisfaction but not nearly as brutal as I had planned.

Its all the better, my lady would likely have scolded me for allowing my desire to muddle a path to further knowledge, even to protect her person and dignity.



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