Land of the False Star

Darius Farrilis Travel Log - Returns to Raventall

Since coming to these lands I’ve been faced with stark examples of my weaknesses. There is nothing for it but to work to correct these. The world of the shorter lived races moves at a different less forgiving pace. Perhaps this is why my mentor warned me to not allow their short lives to impact my perception of there skills.

Could it be that living in constant struggle and with such frailty causes them to advance that much more quickly. It is said that the weakest flame burns brightest, but until this point I considered it a turn of phrase to be used by the frail and infirm to comfort themselves with. My companions trusted me to stand watch, as did my Lady. Again my Lady felt driven to step into harms way to aid me. Its shaming to see her injured because I am not strong enough, to watch the paladin fall again under the fangs of our enemies. I was able to tend his wounds but it was a small repayment. Even the injured ranger and halfing were forced to rouse and take action.

I must find a way to become stronger, if only to repay the services of these ‘adventurers’. They continuously aid me, and more importantly my Lady. And while they are the cause of our situation, they are often our solace. We have received a reward, and while it would greatly help my Lady in her quest I can’t help but feel that they that have suffered so much, and will live so little time should take the lions share to shore up their defenses and capitalize on their strengths. My lady seems to agree, though she has forced me to accept some of her travel funds to compensate for what I’ve spent on us. I try to refuse but, she will have none of it. And I have no doubt she would put herself in danger to prove her point as she threatens.

Her willpower is inspiring, that she can face danger with such conviction isn’t surprising after watching her endure isolation for so long, and facing an ageless eternity of it. I only hope that my devoted company can offer her some solace.

on that subject, it seems the halfling was robbing us all. Even the paladin that has so protected her. I simply do not understand, she will risk her life for children for a nebulous reward. But with the promise of riches, and fine lodging she takes from those whom she seems to cherish, or at least seem to cherish her. I will watch her. She must sleep, they all must sleep. And if this is an example of companionship then I will fight to pay back their kindness, but never forget the risk they could pose to my Lady. We are to attend a ball, I fear that we will soon become victims to the politics of this city. I fear too my lady will see this as a means to an ends to gain access to the magics here and nearby. I will follow her choices, but intrigue is a dangerous game in which I’m less equipped to defend her.



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