Land of the False Star

Darius Farrilis Travel Log - Exploring Raventaal

I’ve had to give voice to my shame.

I am not enough alone to serve my Lady’s interests. I’ve been force to explain to her that we need the other adventurers or at least companions at my current level of skill and training. I will work to change this, but there is little else I can do.

She has in her kindness and regard for my well being opted to curtail her ambitions and keep her opinions more closely guarded so that I do not have to stand between her and those that would not understand her. I can only be thankful she did this. Though I was stung to be banished from our room, I can not say I’m surprised given how I was forced to speak to her.

Her pride so often abused in the past did not need to weather blows from me. If anything I should be her one unwavering source of support. I simply can’t allow her to be harmed, and for that I will bare her upset.

She now owes a favor to unknowns, she contracted the halfling to steal for her, and she’s gained the ire of the Ranger and what passes for suspicion from the Paladin. Both these men have my respect for what they can do and the sacrifices they are willing to make. I would hate to have to face them, no matter the outcome which would most likely be my death, it would be a sad turn of events. I hope only that they can be brought to see the benefit of my Lady rather then the fear her destiny inspires.

The Halfling continues to vex me. She was turned into a rabbit for her theft. Her companions whom would die to save her, seem content to leave her in this shape. They know not what spell was cast upon her, or what it does to her mind. Yet they are content to let her suffer, at the same time they seem deeply invested in her future. The Paradox of their actions towards her and her towards them; I simply don’t understand them.

However, I start to wonder if their ways aren’t lesser simply different. If the slow plodding pace of Elvish relationships and the devotion I feel for the Lady are as baffling to them. I have no doubt they consider us strange. I begin to wonder if they even recall our names. I can not recall them ever addressing us except directly without title or name, or as a group known as “The elves.” I do not know if it troubles me, or comes as some relief that given the danger they possibly represent they do not perhaps even feel strongly for us. If this is the case perhaps their feelings can be changed. I can win them over. Though perhaps worse, the strong views and judgements they make on strangers are completely untroubled by the possibility they are lacking critical information.

I know not, all I do know is that this city is perhaps as dangerous as any tower. And all the dangers more well hidden. I can only hope to be up to the task of protecting my Lady. I can hope to find some allies to do this, but I do not yet know how. Where to start, among my companions? or perhaps the city itself?



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